Dried Chili Apple (Sherry’s Recipe)



I have a dehydrator (with a fan). They sell dehydrators at Walmart (fairly inexpensive).


I use Gold Rush apples for dehydrating (any apple will work). I make a solution of apple juice and chili powder, sometimes I just use cayenne, and sometimes I mix the two together. You will probably have to make a few batches to see how you like the mix.


I wash the apples. I never use the core area; if pesticides are used they may gather in the dimple of the core.

I cut my apples up; I do not peel the apples.


I dip them in my seasoning solution, and then I put them in the dehydrator. I might even add more seasoning on the top racks of the dehydrator.


 I let them dry (until they are really dry). I live in Virginia and the humidity causes me to be a little paranoid about drying fruit and vegetables. I also make these little bundles of silica gel, really paper towels squares which I tie up with string and put in the jar with the apples.

·         String-the kind you use for the kitchen, kite string would probably work too.

·         Silica gel -the same stuff you use for drying flowers. Take care when using this stuff, I do not think it will kill you but I wouldn’t eat it.

I have a gadget that seals canning jars; my eclectic neighbor Frances taught me this method. I use the FoodSaver ( http://www.foodsaver.com/) gadget with an adapter for canning jars. It has worked very well for me. My dried tomatoes are better than anything in the store!

So when the apples are dry I let them cool down. I will put one of my little silica gel bundles in first, then I will put the dried apples in the jar; I squish them in the jar but not horribly. Then I will put another silica gel bundle, and seal using the Food Saver. I have found the large mouthed jars to provide the absolute best seal.

I like this as a snack; it is more nutritional than potato chips. I love salt this is my substitute. I need something that is portable, and, good for me.


These apples are not labor intensive and that is the beauty of the snack.